REVO On Air Podcast


REVO On Air Podcast

Revo supports people and businesses in the diverse world of retail property and they approached us to help create a new podcast called ‘Revo On Air’ which would help generate awareness for their exhibition in Liverpool, as well as servicing their members.

Each episode is hosted by their CEO Ed Cooke and features a fascinating and interesting insight with a leading light in the industry.

Episode 1 features Julian Burnett from IBM and episode 2 Miya Knights, on the intricacies of Amazon’s business model.

CrowdScreen produced the graphics, the sonic branding, recorded and edited the audio and managed the seeding on to various podcast directories.

Later this year our team is set to bring the podcast to life at the Revo exhibition and conference by setting up a bespoke studio and recording a further 8 episodes on site.

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The biggest trend in online marketing is podcasting, a great way to elevate the engagement of your brand or event.

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