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CrowdScreen At Arqiva Awards 2014
Official Social Media Partner
On July 3rd 2014 the Commercial Radio industry joined together to celebrate their achievements at a lavish ceremony in the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel, London. This year though, things were a little different.

2014 is all about Social Media and this year the event organisers had a very specific vision. They wanted to track and display all of the relevant social content (broadcast by attendees and celebrities) on their 3D set and around the venue on various plasma screens. This in turn would drive engagement up and create a real buzz on networks such as Twitter & Instagram. So when we got the call to see if CrowdScreen could make this a reality, we got excited. It was the perfect platform to showcase the flexibility and robustness of our system.

Arqiva's CrowdScreen

Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards Twitter Screen
July 3rd, 2014
Crying Out Loud Productions

The journey started 3 weeks before the big night, when we aggregated all of the graphical elements that were to be included in the show. From that our designers produced a cohesive set of CrowdScreen templates that would perfectly complement the awards ceremony. After a meeting discussing the designs, we had sign off within a week. Next step was creating the bespoke hashtags and setting CrowdScreen up ready for activation on the night.

On the day of the awards, the CrowdScreen team had everything in hand. We arrived at 2pm and had all our technology set up within the hour. The 4 plasma screens in the drinks reception were displaying a full on mix of tweets, instagram photos and vines - on a truly eye catching background. Meanwhile in the main awards room, CrowdScreen was providing a social floating layer as part of an impressive 3D mapped set. This allowed tweets and photos to be super imposed on video backgrounds, creating a truly unique experience.

CrowdScreen wasn't just displayed on screens within the awards venue - our sister company webvid provided a live HD video stream which was showcasing the arrivals on the red carpet. So we had a think and decided it would be cool to integrate our technology into that too.

Celebs and Radio professionals starting arriving at 5:30pm and as soon as they cast their eye on our screens, social interaction went through the roof! Tweets from Olly Murs, Ella Eyre and Naughty Boy starting populating our database and social outreach was climbing.

Over the evening we had amassed almost 2k individual social comments, 775 pieces of media and had over 800 unique users. The estimated reach was touching the 500k figure. Impressive stats and, of course, all downloadable at any point. Which was great for our client!

Re-live the excitement of the night here: live.crowdscreen.com/arqivas
CrowdScreen & webvid's Red Carpet Coverage

Social Engagement

Arqiva's CrowdScreen amassed almost 2k individual social comments, 775 pieces of media and had over 800 unique users. The estimated reach was touching the 500k figure.
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