CrowdScreen Hub: Q&A and Polling


CrowdScreen Hub: Q&A and Polling

Not everybody at an event is confident to submit their thoughts and questions via a microphone.

That’s why we created HUB.

HUB is a cloud based platform which allows your audience the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback and take part in polls at your event.

Using a web app your audience can respond instantly from their mobile or laptop, while you display their stream of questions and poll results on your main screens during your sessions.

On a customisable screen you can switch between questions, polls, holding slides and even social interactions.

Create unlimited polls and feedback questions and export the data at the end of your event.

Great for conferences, seminars, live streaming and internal communications.

Case Study


CRN - Fight Night

Crowdscreen Hub

HUB is not only just great at conferences, it has be used within CRN’s Fight Night event for the past 3 years.

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