Tag Printer


Tag Printer

Everyone loves a selfie, especially if it’s printed out at an event. But traditional photo booths create queues and can be slow.

Tag Printer is our unique Instagram and Twitter hashtag printing station which allows your guests the ability to take their own photos, tag them with your hashtag and deliver a branded print in seconds.

Prints are 6”x4” and can include bespoke graphical backgrounds, the logo for your brand or event and additional text for CTAs and web links.

Utilise Tag Printer as an additional revenue stream and add sponsor logos to your prints.

Tag Printer can be integrated in many different ways, including delivering the prints directly to the tables of your guests with our dedicated team - or mounting and framing photos as keepsakes at weddings, awards and experiential events.

Case Study


The British Mortgage Awards is held in London and Tag Printer is used to provide a unique service and deliver extra sponsorship revenue.

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